Outline Guidance on Sound Testing Regulations in the UK and Ireland

There has been some confusion about the qualification requirements for sound testing in the UK and Ireland with some members having wrongly thought that their membership of the Institute qualifies them to conduct testing.  To clarify the situation the Institute has produced a short document that lists the applicable regulations in each of the various jurisdictions within UK and Ireland.

The guidance document is now available via the publications section on the...


New IOA Blog

The latest update to the IOA blog is called Draft excluders, part 1: what makes a good report?  and it can be found here


IOA Blog Updated

The latest update to the IOA blog is called Things That Go Bump in the Night and it can be found here


IOA to sponsor 'Noise Oscar' again

The IOA is again sponsoring the innovation category in the 2017 John Connell Awards. Known as the industry’s “Oscars”, the awards are organised by the Noise Abatement Society to recognise local authorities, industry, individuals and organisations judged to have been outstanding in their efforts to both reduce the impact of noise nuisance and seek to pioneer practical and innovative solutions to noise...


New guide to cut home noise disturbance and annoyance

A new blueprint for acoustic practitioners, council planners and developers that aims to protect home dwellers from noise by putting good acoustic design at the heart of all new residential development has been published today.

The Professional Practice Guidance on Planning & Noise (ProPG) has been produced by the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC), the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)....


Spring 2017 issue of Sound Bites out

The spring 2017 issue of Sound Bites, the IOA's student e-zine, is out. Containing the usual mixture of acoustics-related items and career advice, it's for all students with an interest in acoustics, noise and vibration, and it's available to any student who takes advantage of our free membership offer. Want to join? Then click here and ...


IOA support for International Noise Awareness Day competition

The Institute of Acoustics is giving its full support to the Pan-European Competition for Schools in celebration of International Noise Awareness Day 2017, organised by the European Acoustics Association (EAA). Keith Holland, IOA Vice President International, said: "The International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) on 26 April aims at raising awareness of noise on the welfare and health of people worldwide, and the Schools Competition, called Sounds...


IOA backs Scots education programmes

The IOA is supporting, as an official education partner, two key programmes which form part of this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival. Generation Science involves staging shows and workshops in primary schools across Scotland, while Careers Hive aims to open pupils' eyes to the wealth of opportunities for those who study STEM subjects. The Careers Hive invitiative features a team of 12 Institute volunteers talking about their jobs to secondary school...


IOA-sponsored 'Oscar' for noise reduction company

A company that develops ground-breaking noise reduction technology scooped the IOA-sponsored innovation award in the 2016 noise “Oscars”.

Sonobex was presented with the award at the Noise Abatement Society’s annual John Connell Awards held at the Houses of Parliament.

The innovation award aims to encourage the development of new schemes to resolve noise pollution and recognise a pioneering approach that addresses this issue from a unique standpoint....


Engineering a future outside the EU

The Institute of Acoustics and the other 37 professional engineering organisations, representing all disciplines of UK engineering, have joined forces under the leadership of the Royal Academy of Engineering to provide evidence-based advice to the government on the opportunities and risks associated with leaving the EU. Entitled Engineering a future outside the EU, the report states the process of the UK leaving the EU will certainly present challenges but...


Autumn 2016 issue of Sound Bites out

The autumn 2016 issue of Sound Bites, the IOA's student e-zine, is out. As ever,  it features a great mixture of acoustics-related items and career advice. Who's it for?  All students with an interest in acoustics, noise and vibration, and it's available to any student who takes advantage of our free membership offer. Want to join? Then click here...


IOA in plea to NPL to reverse airborne acoustics decision

Senior IOA members are to meet National Physical Laboratory (NPL) representatives to express the Institute’s concern at its decision to cease providing services in airborne acoustics. One of the potential consequences of this decision would be the loss to the UK of the primary acoustic standard that provides traceability for microphones and calibrators (in the range 1Hz to 20 kHz). This standard is disseminated primarily via UKAS-accredited laboratories and this...


Jo Webb is new IOA President

Jo Webb is the new President of the the IOA. Aged 51, she is an Acoustics Associate with Arup in Manchester, where she has worked for the past 16 years and now manages teams working on large infrastructure, environmental and building projects.

Among her main priorities are education and member professional development. "The IOA's current project to develop an online learning platform for students and members is very important to me, and something that I will...


IOA publishes AM measurement guide

The Institute of Acoustics has published its preferred method of measuring and rating amplitude modulation (AM) in wind turbine noise.

Known as the Reference Method, it is essentially a development of the Hybrid Reconstruction Method that was described in a discussion document published by the Institute’s Amplitude Modulation Working Group (AMWG) in April 2015.

The recommendation is contained in the working group’s final report, which follows a large-...


Check out the IOA blogs

The Institute is publishing every month a blog from one of its members on a subject relating to acoustics, noise or vibration. In the latest one, entitled Making Waves, author Mike Lotinga looks at the different type of waves encountered in acoustics.  Each blog is posted on the website in the Publications section. Click here to see them all. 


IOA and BOHS in qualifications recognition agreement

The IOA and the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection (BOHS) have agreed to recognise each other’s professional qualifications.

The main terms are:

Holders of certain IOA qualifications, including the Certificate of Competence in Workplace Noise Risk Assessment and the Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control, will be able to use these in the BOHS qualification pathway to the Certificate of Operational Competence in Occupational...


Spring 2016 issue of Sound Bites out

The spring 2016 issue of Sound Bites, the IOA's student e-zine, is out. Once again it features a great mixture of acoustics-related items and career advice. Who's it for?  All students with an interest in acoustics, noise and vibration, and it's available to any student who takes advantage of our free membership offer. Want to join? Then click here and ...


History of the IOA published

A book on the history of the first 40 years of the IOA has been published. Covering the period from how it came about and its inception on 1 January 1974 up to its 40th anniversary celebrations in 2014, the 132-page publication provides a detailed history of how the Institute has grown from small beginnings to the thriving professional body it is today. With special sections covering conference highlights, its finances, branches, committtees and specialist groups, ...


IOA joins CaSE

The Institute of Acoustics has joined the Campaign for Science & Engineering (CaSE), an independent organisation dedicated to raising the political profile of science and engineering.

Allan Chesney, IOA Chief Executive, said: "We are very pleased to join CaSE and look forward to working with them to help promote the importance of science and engineering in the UK. We look forward to bringing the expertise of our members to support their work. An...


Details of ProPG workshops announced

Details of two planned ProPG (Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise) consultation workshops have been announced. The first event will be held on 2 March at the Woburn House Conference Centre, London and the second will be on 7 March at the Macdonald Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. The events will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about and comment on the draft guidance which has been prepared by the Association of Noise Consultants, the...


New guidance on noise sensitive development

The Institute of Acoustics, the Association of Noise Consultants and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health have produced a Professional Practice Guidance (ProPG) focussing on noise sensitive development. A draft of this guidance is now available for consultation and feedback is welcomed via a short online questionnaire from anyone involved in advising developers or local planning authorities on such ...


Launch of IOA blog

The IOA has today launched a new blog which will be written by a member of its Young Members’ Group (YMG) or Publications Committee each month. Blogs will cover a wide range of topics in line with the Institute’s aim to maintain and improve science and engineering education, research and practice. The first blog provides information about the YMG, which aims to bring together a diverse network of acoustics professionals in the early stages of their...


Design guide for schools acoustics published

The Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants have jointly published a new design guide for the acoustics of schools. The 110-page document, entitled Acoustics of schools: a design guide, is designed to accompany the revised performance standards for the acoustic design of schools published by the Department for Education in December 2014, and is a revision of the guidance previously published in 2003 as Sections 2 to 7 of...


IOA research award for Liverpool professor

A professor at the University of Liverpool has received an award from the IOA for his “outstanding contributions to acoustics research and education”.

Barry Gibbs, Professorial Fellow within the university’s Acoustics Research Unit, was presented with the Institute of Acoustics’ R W B Stephens Medal by the President, William Egan, at the Institute’s Acoustics 2015 conference in Harrogate. The award, named after the Institute’s first President, is...


Autumn issue of Sound Bites out

The autumn 2015 issue of Sound Bites, the IOA's student e-zine, is out. It is again full of a fascinating mixture of news about acoustics-related items and career advice. It's for all students with an interest in acoustics, noise and vibration, and is available to any student who takes advantage of our free membership offer. Want to join? Then click here...


'Woeful underestimation' of value of aural environment

The economic value of the protection and enhancement of our aural environment is 'woefully underestimated', the IOA has told the Government.

In a response to a House of Lords call for evidence for the Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment, it said: "The emerging evidence of the social, environmental and economic costs of environmental noise, poor acoustics in buildings, and a failure to use sound positively, highlights the need to...


Top IOA award for Ying-Tsong Lin

A leading world expert in underwater acoustics has received an award from the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) in recognition of his outstanding work in the field.

Dr Ying-Tsong Lin, Associate Scientist in Applied Ocean Physics and Oceanography at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Massachusetts, USA, was presented with the A B Wood Medal by William Egan, IOA President, at the Institute’s Seabed and Sediment Acoustics conference in Bath....


Amplitude modulation application released

The Institute’s Amplitude Modulation Working Group (AMWG) has released its software which implements the three proposed methods of rating amplitude modulation (AM) as recently published in the consultation document.  This software will allow the user to compare results and outputs from each of the methods. The software and results should be considered in conjunction with the consultation document....


Spring issue of student e-zine out

The spring 2015 issue of Sound Bites, the IOA's student e-zine, is now out. As usual, it's full of a mixture of news about acoustics-related items and career advice. It's for all students with an interest in acoustics, noise and vibration and is available to any student who takes advantage of our free membership offer. Want to join? Then click here and ...


Launch of amplitude modulation discussion

The IOA has published today a discussion document on methods for rating amplitude modulation (AM) in wind turbine noise. The document proposes a definition of AM for wind turbine noise and describes a literature review of the available methods. From this, three methods are proposed for discussion. These describe: a time-domain method; a frequency-domain method and a hybrid method. Software will be made available shortly to allow those interested to rate samples...


Institute's Engineering Council licence renewed

The Institute's Engineering Council licence to offer registration at Chartered and Incorporated Engineer levels has been renewed for a further five years.

The approval follows a visit by four members of the Council’s Quality Assurance Committee to the IOA office in St Albans to review its processes with members of the Institute's Engineering Division.

As part of the process, they inspected several professional review files of...


IOA issues wind farm noise statement

The Institute of Acoustics has issued a statement today which explains in detail its role in respect of the assessment of wind farm noise. William Egan, Institute President, said: "In doing so, our aim is to enable members of the public to have a full understanding of our work in this field during the past few years, what we are currently engaged in doing and the area of our responsibilities. We draw particular attention within the statement to the fact that we as an...


IOA welcomes Govt wind turbine noise study

The Institute of Acoustics (IOA) welcomes the announcement that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is to commission a study into the acoustic character of wind turbine noise known as amplitude modulation (AM) with a view to recommending how to define an appropriate threshold. The IOA had previously written to DECC informing it of the current IOA AM working group which is advancing a measurement methodology and metric to define AM, and asking DECC to...


Network Rail wins IOA-sponsored 'Oscar'

A mobile flash butt welder designed by Network Rail National Supply Chain (NRNSC) to minimise noise nuisance during trackside repairs has won the innovation category in the Noise Abatement Society's annual John Connell Awards.

The award was presented last night by William Egan, President of the Institute of Acoustics, which sponsored the award, to representatives of the organisation at a ceremony at the House of Commons.

The welder is the first piece of...


AM group publishes documents

The Institute of Acoustics' Working Group on Amplitude Modulation in Wind Turbine Noise has now published its scope of work and terms of reference documents.  These include details of the proposed plan of work and the membership of the group. The documents are available here. Members interested in finding out more about the work of the group and with practical experience should consider attending the...


Autumn 2014 Sound Bites now out

The autumn issue of Sound Bites, the IOA's student e-zine, is now out. Packed with a mixture of fascinating news about acoustics-related items and job tips, it is aimed at all students with an interest in acoustics, noise and vibrations and is available to any student who joins the Institute (free) as a student affiliate.  Want to join? Then click here, fill in a few details about...


Final SGNs published

The Institute has published the final two Supplementary Guidance Notes to its Good Practice Guide on wind turbine noise assessment and rating. They cover data processing and derivation of ETSU-R-97 background curves. All six can be found here


Formation of AM working group

The IOA has formed an amplitude modulation (AM) working group as a sub-group of the wind turbine noise working party.

Gavin Irvine, of Ion Acoustics, is the chairman. Other members will include acousticians working for developers, local authorities and objector groups.

It aims to review methods to quantify and assess AM in wind turbine noise. This review will include: the AM work funded by R–UK; the “Den Brook” condition and other historic and emerging...


Wind turbine noise notes published

The IOA has today published four supplementary guidance notes (SGNs) to its Good Practice Guide to the Application of ETSU-R-97 for the Assessment and Rating of Wind Turbine Noise. The notes cover: sound power level data, wind shear, post completion measurements and noise propagation over water for on-shore wind turbines.  The Institute plans to publish the final two notes (data collection and data processing and derivation of ETSU-R-97 background curves) shortly.  ...


Launch of planning and noise guidance initiative

Professional practice guidance on planning and noise is being prepared for planners and developers in England by the IOA, the Association of Noise Consultants and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

The move is in response to recent changes in the planning system and requests from practitioners for additional technical guidance on the management of noise within the planning system.

The aim is to give good practice advice to local planning...


New President for IOA

William Egan, a leading figure in the acoustics equipment sector, is the new President of the Institute of Acoustics.

One of William’s first tasks will be to lead the Institute’s 40th anniversary celebrations which culminate in a special two-day conference at the NEC, Birmingham on 15-16 October.

Speaking as he took over the Presidency from Bridget Shield, he said: “It may be something of a cliché among Institute members to say that acoustics is in...


Five stand for election to IOA Council

Elections are to be held to fill the three vacancies on the IOA Council. Five candidates are standing - Chris Chittock, Keith Holland, Paul Lepper, Peter Rogers and Alistair Somerville. All corporate members are eligible to vote. Voting will take place from 10 to 30 June. The results will be announced at the Institute's AGM in London on 8 July. Voting will be carried out, for the first time,  electronically via the Institute website. Those members who do not have an...


IOA accredits new MSc degree

The IOA has accredited a new MSc degree in applied acoustics at Southampton Solent University. 

Designed to provide the skills and knowledge to work in a range of acoustics fields - including consultancy, engineering, environmental health and the built environment - this practical master’s targets the specific skills needed by industry.

The university now joins the University of Derby and London South Bank University as an educational establishment for...


Launch of Peter Lord award

The IOA has launched a new award in memory of Peter Lord, a former Institute President and founder member who died in 2012. The award will be made annually for a building, project or product that showcases outstanding and innovative acoustic design. It will be presented to the team or individual responsible for the acoustic design, and will consist of a plaque to be displayed on the winning construction or project (where possible), together with a trophy and...


The Sound of Science

The IOA has published a new guide to the services provided by its members as part of the celebrations to mark its 40th anniversary this year. Entitled The Sound of Science, the 24-page booklet describes the areas covered by the Institute's nine specialist groups: building acoustics, electro-acoustics, environmental noise, measurement and instrumentation, noise and vibration engineering, musical acoustics, physical acoustics, speech and hearing, and underwater...


Spring issue of Sound Bites

The spring issue of Sound Bites, the IOA e-zine for all students with an interest in acoustics, is now out.  Featuring a mixture of items on how acoustics plays an important role in many areas of our daily lives and careers advice from senior figures within the industry, it is intended to be both entertaining and informative. The magazine is available to all students who join the Institute (free) as a student affiliate.  Interested?  Then click...


Acoustic standards for schools

IOA members are being urged to respond to the Department for Education's consultation document, Acoustic design of schools: performance standards 2014.  The long-awaited revision to the building regulations on the acoustic design of schools, containing revised performance standards, to replace those contained in Section 1 of Building Bulletin 93, was published in March. All comments must be received by 16 May. The Institute is holding a meeting, entitled Acoustic...


Free student affiliation to IOA

The Institute of Acoustics is offering free affiliation to all students in order to help them understand the subject better and how it overlaps with so many professions, from architecture to medicine, and from music to zoology.

The benefits include:

* Twice yearly e-zine, Sound Bites, with acoustics news, people profiles and job tips

* Great networking opportunities

* Discounted attendance at paying events

* Invitations to...


IOA website goes live

As you can see, the website is now live. Activation emails will shortly be sent to all members so they can log in. After that renewal invoices will be emailed. Please check your junk/spam folders as well as your inbox and, as always, we would be grateful if you would pay promptly. 

Thank you for your patience.


Cautious welcome for wind turbine noise proposal

The Institute of Acoustics has welcomed the publication by RenewableUK of research and a proposed planning condition to deal with the issue of amplitude modulation (AM) of noise from wind turbines. 

Richard Perkins, Chairman of the IOA Noise Working Group, said: “This research is a significant step forward in understanding what causes amplitude modulation from a wind turbine, and how people react to it. The proposed planning condition, though, needs a period...


Northern Ireland approval for wind turbine guide

The Northern Ireland Executive has added its endorsement to the IOA's Good Practice Guide to the application of ETSU-R-97 for wind turbine noise assessment. In doing so, it joins the governments in England, Scotland and Wales in approving the guide.
In announcing the decision, Mark Durkan, Minister of the Environment, said: "My officials have now considered the contents of the Good Practice Guide and whilst they are satisfied that it provides significant...


French award for Keith

Professor Keith Attenborough, IOA Education Manager, has been awarded the "Médaille Etrangère" (Foreign Medal) 2013 by the French Acoustical Society (SFA) in recognition of his " wide contribution to acoustics and his numerous collaborations with French acousticians".
Keith, who helped organise the highly successul joint IOA/SFA conference in Nantes in 2012, will be presented with the medal at the French Acoustical Congress in Poitiers (22-25 April) when he...


Final wind turbine notes published

The IOA has published for consultation the final two supplementary guidance notes (SGNs) to support its A Good Practice Guide to the Application of ETSU-R-97 for the Assessment and Rating of Wind Turbine Noise (the GPG).

The notes cover sound power level data (SGN 3) and noise propagation over water for onshore wind turbines (SGN 6). They can be viewed below. The closing date for the receipt of comments is Friday 31 January 2014.

The SGNs contain...


Praise for IOA noise courses

Tim Briggs, the new president of IOSH, the world's biggest health and safety membership organisation, has praised the IOA's competency certificates.

"I gained the Certificate of Competence in Workplace Noise Risk Assessment five years ago. I found it tough, but I felt I had a worthwhile qualification as a result," he said.

A senior lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, Mr Briggs is responsible for managing undergraduate and postgraduate health...


Wind turbine notes consultation

The IOA has launched today a consultation exercise for notes it has produced to support its A Good Practice Guide to the Application of ETSU-R-97 for the Assessment and Rating of Wind Turbine Noise (the GPG). 

Six supplementary guidance notes (SGNs) have been produced. Four are available today and these cover:
• data collection
• data processing and derivation of ETSU-R-97 background curves
• wind shear...


Russell Richardson new Council secretary

Russell Richardson is the new IOA Council Honorary Secretary. He succeeds Nigel Cogger who has stood down as a result of moving to France and retiring from the English Cogger Partnership.

Russell studied electro-acoustics at the University of Salford, graduating in 1995. After a few years of working in acoustics consultancy he returned to the academic world to undertake research into the subjective response of audiences in concert halls at London South Bank...